Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Arewa youth have expressed disappointment in the failure of the Lagos State Government to file its well publicised appeal against the Appeal Court judgment that cleared former Chief Security Officer to the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha, retired Major Hamza Al Mustapha, of any complicity over the death of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola.
Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, the wife of the acclaimed winner of the annulled June 12, 1993 general election was gunned down on the street of Lagos during the agitation for revalidation of her husband's mandate.
The crisis led to the arrest and incarceration of Al-Mustapha for about 15 years before an Appeal Court overturned an earlier death sentenced passed on him and declared him innocent.
But last month due to the insistence of the Lagos State government to file an appeal against the judgment approached the Supreme Court of Nigeria which granted it 30 days to do so.
The northern youth under the umbrella of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF), expressed concerned that, "till the expiration of the time permitted for the appeal by the Apex Court at the weekend, the Lagos Government did not come up with its appeal."
In a statement from the AYCF President, Mallam Shettima Usman Yerima, they accused the Lagos government of deliberate propaganda  to tarnish reputation of an innocent soul.
According to Yerima, Al Mustapha deserves an unreserved apology for causing him unnecessary stress and apology to the whole nation for the undue anxiety the time-wasting exercise caused the citizenry.
The concerned youth leader urged the Lagos Government to always do its homework properly before going out public to embarrass a respectable member of the public like Hamza Al Mustapha or keep quiet.
And with the failure of the government to meet the Apex Court's 30 days deadline, the AYCF President, who said it was an affirmation of Al Mustapha's innocence therefore advised the Lagos government to seek forgiveness from God and from the generality of humanity for the way an innocent soul was deprived of his fundamental rights for 15 years of his life.
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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Bobrisky replies the lady that claimed he scammed her for 30k for stretch marks cream

Morning to u all, I want to plead to my fans and friends to stop listening to some up coming blogs cos dey carry gist without finding out d truth 😥. People should always find out d truth before dey conclude if truely Bobrisky will scam anybody for 30k . Dis young lady order stretch mark from USA. D stretch mark alone is 30k and i told her she is paying 17k for shipping d total will be 47k. But she pleaded dat is only 30k she has in her Nigeria account dat I should assist her. The following day she called again pleading so I told her to send d money. Three days after I sent her product with d additional 17k to FedEx for mailing from my own pocket to d following address she sent to me.Now d girl said I scam her ?? Guys check d date I sent her products. Sometimes fedex delay and is not even their fault custom and all. Anyway am not angry customers are always right but am sad cos dis shit went viral.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A cry for help.... Mr Kehinde Shokoya has been blind for 18years he needs help for Eye Surgery.

Good Morning My Lovely People,  I actually don't know how to start, Mr Kehinde Shokaya has been BLIND for more than 18years, he is a father to Triplets, he has been begging for help from People and still begging, I get loads of Inbox messages from people with illness and so on, but this caught my attention, a particular guy has been sending me messages on his behalf for like a month,  I ignored it but he then sent me a short clip of him Monday night, that picture and video hit me so bad, I cried, few minutes later I said to myself, this guy is a young man, am sure would have a lot going through his mind, he would have had an Ambition,he would have said to himself one time while growing up that I will be someone in life, but his BLINDNESS cut his life Ambitions short, hmmmmm, before I recorded the video I sat down for few minutes for his arrival, I saw him coming with his friend, I cried again, at first u will notice from his voice he is a jovial man, he was been greeted by people in the surrounding and he kept making jokes, one word that struck me that he said was "ti emi ba wa ireti nbe, ni  ase OLORUN a ri anu" meaning with life there is Hope by GOD's grace..... Then he was seated beside me,  I had to get a grip of myself, off camera i ask him what and how did it happen,he narrated and I said to him with your consent can I do a video to put on facebook he said with all pleasure at least Nigerians and people in the world will help him....

Then again my people he said he stays with a friend, like the saying 'Friendship and loyalty is rare, I must really appreciate his friend that he stays with Mr Rilwan he wants to be  Anonymous but I have to mention his name for a wonderful job, because Mr Kehinde was looking clean and fresh, GOD bless u sir and keep u Amen, and to the people around Massey Area in Lagos Island thank you for making him feel life and hope for the best, he also thanked his family members for been there always.

My people he needs help for his Surgery and Medicines, he said a particular EYE Drop is expensive which is 4500 naira He can't afford it anymore because when ever he ask for help from people they promise and say the recession is really affecting everyone and and the SURGERY is like 5million Naira in INDIA, Please am pleading with Nigerians and people in the world, please nothing is too small to donate in this

Diamond Bank Account :  0085474102 Waheed Olanrewaju and Oseni Sokoya

You can call him on this Phone Number: 07081063978.

Also Please we can also Donate food items and clothes to him,his wife and Triplets... Thanks.
GOD in his infinite Mercy will give us Peace and Long life without Pains Amen.

Mr Kolawole Animashaun has been found and Murdered

Remember I did a post for a Missing Person few months, (4 Months to be precise) that he went to see this Particular lady beside him in the picture that faithful day, in fact the lady does not exist, but it was a set up by a guy he helps with money, clothes him, house him, he pretended to be a good guy to him and still set him up, this was four months ago,  hmmmmmmm we just confirmed yesterday that Mr kolawole Animashaun aka Koly has been  Murdered, yes he is been KILLED same day in IKORUDU area, and his KILLERS are in Custody already confessed to killing him 😢😢  due to his Daughter's Persistence, family Members, Friends and the DSS he was found, Pls All abroad Returnee be careful ooooh and Men in Nigeria, don't follow a babe or pic of a babe u don't know 😢May his soul rest in perfect peace Amen.....