Saturday, 1 August 2015

Winners from this week's Ardent Facebook Follower

Thanks to Mrs Aliyah Sanni CEO DECOR PLUS For the FRUITS.
Alhaja Taiwo Lawal got ‎2 Litres of Freshly Squeezed Juice and Dj FOXXY Got 5 Litres of Chapman.

You might be Next all u need to do is be the first in Everything, My Facebook page be the first to like it ''Kennyrhoda '' and make comments, also make comments on my blog post (am a bit lazy but I have someone helping with reports now his name is OLUWAGBENGA IFE TAIWO) 

Twitter handle:kennyrhoda2 
Instagram : Kennyrhoda

Mrs Aliyah Sanni's contact: ‎Hello!!!! How are u this beautiful morning??   

how about we deliver some freshly squeezed fruit juice of ur choice,Fruity Chapman,fruity Roselle drinks, Fruit kebab,fruit salad,edible fruit bouquet to you at home or at work n make your Boss/friends/colleagues jealous ��.

08023673321 is the number to dial nd 7A0C42D9 
 @DECOR PLUS we are passionate about serving u to perfection.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Happy New Month

Photo of the Day......Aunty Detola and Daughter

D'banj messge to those mocking/Hating 'Koko Garri' business

From D'banj's Instagram page:  Guys, KokoGarri is available on Konga & in Ebeano Stores!

Who owns Ciroc vodka? Who owns Beats headphones? Who own RocknRepublic? The list goes on. What we do in Nigeria is to laugh at people's hustle. And when it starts paying, creating jobs and moving the person to the next level, we are quick to ask why is the person living so large? Does he know how many people are hustling and going to bed hungry? But we don't consider the person's hustle in the beginning worthy of support. I am a strong Supporter of Nigerian Brands. How many politicians bought this Koko Garri to give their supporters? But they gave imported rice abi? When Otunba Ghadaffi started his mobile toilets, people called him "Agbe po!!!" It wasn't for long, others joined DMT to do what he was laughed at. I know that a few think what's DBanj thinking to invest in Garri. Newsflash!!!! I bet you all that is a $30b market. KOKOGARRI to be promoted & distributed in hotels and restaurants. Wherever beans and moi-moi is served, there should be packs of Koko Garri as options to pap, dodo and yam. Trust me, you will see how it will grow. I think there should be a Garri soaking competition sef. The hamburger competitions we see on television don't even have as much entertainment value…
Round 1, Koko Garri and groundnuts,
Round 2, Koko Garri and coconut,
Round 3 Koko and Kilishi… Powered by Eva Water and Dangote sugar… Winner gets a Koko Garri distribution vehicle and a start up store

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Aliyah Sanni the Lady with a Big HEART

                     Aliyah Sanni
                Aliyah and her other sister Billy

     Biodun  back to LIFE

              Aliyah Back to LIFE

          ALIYAH'S JOB

                         BIODUN and ALIYAH now
This Afternoon C.E.O DECOR PLUS said kennyrhoda am giving u 5 Litres of Chapman and 1 Litre of Freshly Squeezed Juice to ur followers and am like ooook what do I do,i put it up on facebook that people should help me pick two ardent follower and someone that likes my pic the very second I post on facebook (My Facebook is my album,so I post pictures there,incase I loose my phone) so people started calling and liking the post and I gave it out to a guy DJ FOXXY  and an elderly woman ‎Alhaja Taiwo, but one thing about Aliyah Sanni I want to share with everyone is, she is a good Person with a large heart,Tayo Odueke 'Sindodo ' can testify to that she has also worked with Liz Da -Silva to mention few and many cooperative bodies, she is a FREE GIVER, she works hard and she is not only doing that for her self but for her sister that she gave one of her KIDNEYS to yes Aliyah Sanni gave her sister 'Biodun ' one of her kidneys in 2014, the irony is BIODUN never does not DRINK ALCOHOL and she does not SMOKE, but her KIDNEY collapsed because of HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE  it took a long process, from checking everything with months of procedures and Aliyah been the only DONOR and still have to run arround to ask people to help give them money for Biodun's medications because Biodun is still needs money for her medicines and chek-ups, PLS send money to the account number below and also HELP ALIYAH GROW with her Businesses, She is into DECORATIONS and FRUITS (I mean fruits served in different ways) GOD will pay you back has you donate and also help Aliyah with her businesses by calling her for JOBS amen.

For your events coordinating/decor egagement gift packaging mocktails,fruit tree,fruit kebab,fruit salad and fresh fruit juice(also in kegs)call DECOR PLUS on 08023673321 BBM 7A0C42D9 follow on instagram @Decorplusaaliyah.

Acct Number for Biodun's Medications and Check ups:

Thank GOD for them....

Photo of the Day

ATIMEDO the New Fuji Rap Artiste.

Born HAMEED ADEKUNLE HABIB Popularly Known As ATIMEDO (A.K.A FUJI RAPPER) Was Born In Lagos Nigeria in the early 90's.
He Started His Music Career as Fuji Artiste In the year 2006 Where He Had the opportunity and privilege to share the same stage with top fuji stars, likes of ABASS AKANDE OBESERE, SULE ALAO, MALAIKA, MURI THUNDER and SAFEJO AMAMA.
He Decided to Switch to contemporary Afro Hip Hop In the Year 2010 and DEbuted with a Club Banging tune MY GBEDU!!
ATIMEDO follow up MY GBEDU with another collaborative effort with another fellow upcoming act,ISO SCENT in MY GBEDU REMIX, before another studio work like SETEMI and ITOWO.
In his Relentless Spirit And Productive Efforts He Decided to drop SEVEN-7 a Song He Directed to his enemies that are doing all they could to hinder his congress.
ATIMEDO blends the modern Hip Hop with his native dialect together with Afro tune and Fuji flavour. All ATIMEDO's musical efforts are produced by the one and only in-house producer,ABJOS(Aka MESUTAIYAH). ATIMEDO official twitter handle is @Real_AtimedoKFR, follow to see more of his activities!