Thursday, 17 December 2015

Mr Lookman Adisa Omotosho,Executive Secretary Lagos Island East LCDA ''Social Security for the Senior Citizens'' of the Lagos Island East LCDA yesterday.

Hon lookman adisa omotosho Executive Secretary lagos Island East LCDA says the ‎Motive behind this programme is  Part of the manifesto of the party and part of the Programme they promised to do as a give back to the Society during the campaign and which  they have fulfilled the second Part of it.‎ He also said It's  not limited to one political party,  its for our senior citizens.
‎The Aged from 65 and above benefited from this exercise, he said they were over 300 ,also said it will be an Annual exercise, the first Part was in February and the second part was planned towards the Yuletide season .

I ask if this was a tactic for him to run for the Chairman of Lagos Island for the Local Government Chairmanship? He has this to say and I quote '' I was appointed as the Executive Secretary so if My Party Leaders, Party Members are satisfied,access me and feel I fit in for a position and am approached or ask if am interested then I can say whether or not to run, I won't want to place myself on anyone''‎.

Word for lagos Island sir:  I will implore my people to continue to support the Government in peace and harmony also in this Yuletide as per security we should Please be careful and Report at all time   Crime to nearest security agency or police station thank you

I wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance .

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  1. Cityfather Adekunle Bashorun17 December 2015 at 10:34

    Good democratic dividends and real connection with the grassroots.