Monday, 25 January 2016

Government what do you have to offer?

I have to pay for everything and nothing is coming from the country, in the U.S they pay and get what they need, light,water,health and everything, nigeria has not convinced me enough, all they do with out money is to give all that I mentioned above to the better people staying on the sand filled water places, I lost a friend a graduate since 1997 cos he was always struggling and saying to himself he go better, he died without accompanying nothing in life, I sent out a tweet on a lady washing and drying a diaper 'pampers' to re-use for her baby no one has said anything, we complain they rob, for crying out loud, have you sat with a robber or an armed robber to ask why? I visit the prison to ask why and what they need, it's alarming what they tell you and how they say it without minding what's in stake cos they know some are condemned, like the saying 'we are the leaders of tomorrow ' when is tomorrow and where is it leading us to....People if am giving an opportunity to serve this country I will do alot........ in my own little way am trying, Obasanjo never knew he will or would  go to prison and so many, if truly they went there and think about the life there just for one min, People  you will cry every day for this people, anyways GOD will make a way.

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