Saturday, 13 February 2016

A Teacher with a good heart..... Mrs Kamelu of St Saviours School.

When you have a mother as a Teacher,then you need not to be afraid or worried about your child's care during school hours.
This very nice and loving Teacher Mrs Kamelu taught Jamal in Nursery 1 and now she is his Class Teacher in Primary 3, when I heard she was, My GOD I jumped for joy because I knew we are back in goods hands. Yesterday we went for open Day for second term break after going through his books,we had a talk about his performance, where he is lacking, where he needs to buckle up and where he did well(normal thingy @ his School) and then I filled the form about what I think about the teacher and her abilities from me always I write good recommendations about her,after that, she said Jamal this is from me to you,at first I was like what? And she  handed him a Video CD Tittle"Gifted Hands'' and said HAPPY VALENTINE, You know kids with questions, he said what is VALENTINE? She explained to him, it's a time to share LOVE, GOD gave us through Jesus christ, then he  Jamal said Waoh! hugged her and said thank you Mrs Kamelu, I did the same but then she got all her class pupils a gifts, she  briefed I and Jamal about the Video CD, can't wait to see it.

 Mrs Kamelu you deserve a big hug and kisses from all parents, love you and thank you ma‎ and happy VALENTINE.

Isn't she lovely.

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