Sunday, 31 July 2016

Subomi Balogun's FCMB staff shoots self in the head.

After a deal of over a million dollars (360 million Naira) went sour, a male staff Olisa Nwakobi of the First City Monument Bank, FCMB shot himself to death on Thursday July 29, Pisa whose late father Chief Patrick Nealon was a former Chairman Of First Bank Nigeria Pls,  The man who lives within the plush Northern Foreshore estate, Chevron Drive in the Lekki area of Lagos, is a banker is married with a child.
His wife plays big in the Nigerian oil and gas sector.
According to reports at our disposal, the deceased went to the Catholic church within the estate for confession at the evening mass in the company of his sister.
He killed himself after the mass when he came towards the waterfront, shot twice in the air and shot himself in the head.
He had recently moved into his apartment after renting within the estate for years, it was confirmed.
According to a friend of his who lives around too, they had drinks and snail at a restaurant last weekend and "That day he looked like he was trying to live in denial and was acting weird...shouting ...screaming", the friend said.
A distraught resident shared the message below by text messaging:
"Good morning all, I'm sending this message with broken heart.  I just heard that a Northern Foreshore resident blew his head off with a gun yesterday. He's a married man with a child.  I bet you are all wondering what could have happened to him to have taken such a drastic action?  Well, from the little I could gather, it's to do with financial pressure.  And you know what?  For me it is a big embarrassment to our community.  We live in a community that all we care about its just us and our family.  We never care about our neighbours and how truly they're doing. We spend all our time preaching about loving God that we've never seen but ignore His creations that lives next door to us.
"Every Church on Chevron Drive is jammed pack on every Sundays yet we never practice what we heard even the pastors too. Same thing with Mosques around us. What do you do to make life better for those around you?  We live in a community full of bullies. Those that think they have it now feel that those that don't have should leave the estate and yet we call ourselves religious people.  It's because of people like this man, that I always stand up to fight against ridiculous levy that are imposed on us. It's because of people like him that I go to EKEDC (electricity supply company) every time we have no power for 24 hours cos I know that cost of diesel is an issue for some families.  It's because of people like him that I fought for Management fee to be broken into four payments but eventually got two installments per year. It's because of people like him I fought against the fence bill as I felt it was ridiculously expensive.
"Do you know how many times my husband had appeal to me to stop embarrassing him on such thing? But I told him we have to consider all residents as a community.  Some of us have our companies to pay our bills and cost of diesel while majority do not have that luxury.  We all bought into the estate to fulfil the dream of good living for our family  and when we have obstacles, our faith made us believe in hope. We were not brought up to just abandon ship and give up just like that. We are supposed to fight it with hope until we can see no way out.
"So instead of looking down on your neighbours that cannot pay his bills, find out exactly what's happening and talk and talk and talk with them.  Don't pretend as if you don't know what's happening cos your talking to them could give them hope that they need. So instead of preaching about God, let's see that your God in you. Thank you and please do pray for the family of the dead. He used to be a tenant in the estate. But just bought the house he moved into with his family. Nobody knows why he took his life. Many secrets will die with him. As the Catholic faithful say, may the faithful departed rest in peace.
"He was a Banker with FCMB."
Many people don't agree with what she has written but it doesn't change the fact that this is such a heartbreaking story.
Source :From a resident.

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  1. Hmmm. Lord have mercy on the departed and grace on his family. 360 million naira, phew! Understandable.

    And the female resident should keep up the good work.

    Meanwhile, having a gun around makes the finger trigger-happy.