Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A cry for help.... Mr Kehinde Shokoya has been blind for 18years he needs help for Eye Surgery.

Good Morning My Lovely People,  I actually don't know how to start, Mr Kehinde Shokaya has been BLIND for more than 18years, he is a father to Triplets, he has been begging for help from People and still begging, I get loads of Inbox messages from people with illness and so on, but this caught my attention, a particular guy has been sending me messages on his behalf for like a month,  I ignored it but he then sent me a short clip of him Monday night, that picture and video hit me so bad, I cried, few minutes later I said to myself, this guy is a young man, am sure would have a lot going through his mind, he would have had an Ambition,he would have said to himself one time while growing up that I will be someone in life, but his BLINDNESS cut his life Ambitions short, hmmmmm, before I recorded the video I sat down for few minutes for his arrival, I saw him coming with his friend, I cried again, at first u will notice from his voice he is a jovial man, he was been greeted by people in the surrounding and he kept making jokes, one word that struck me that he said was "ti emi ba wa ireti nbe, ni  ase OLORUN a ri anu" meaning with life there is Hope by GOD's grace..... Then he was seated beside me,  I had to get a grip of myself, off camera i ask him what and how did it happen,he narrated and I said to him with your consent can I do a video to put on facebook he said with all pleasure at least Nigerians and people in the world will help him....

Then again my people he said he stays with a friend, like the saying 'Friendship and loyalty is rare, I must really appreciate his friend that he stays with Mr Rilwan he wants to be  Anonymous but I have to mention his name for a wonderful job, because Mr Kehinde was looking clean and fresh, GOD bless u sir and keep u Amen, and to the people around Massey Area in Lagos Island thank you for making him feel life and hope for the best, he also thanked his family members for been there always.

My people he needs help for his Surgery and Medicines, he said a particular EYE Drop is expensive which is 4500 naira He can't afford it anymore because when ever he ask for help from people they promise and say the recession is really affecting everyone and and the SURGERY is like 5million Naira in INDIA, Please am pleading with Nigerians and people in the world, please nothing is too small to donate in this

Diamond Bank Account :  0085474102 Waheed Olanrewaju and Oseni Sokoya

You can call him on this Phone Number: 07081063978.

Also Please we can also Donate food items and clothes to him,his wife and Triplets... Thanks.
GOD in his infinite Mercy will give us Peace and Long life without Pains Amen.

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